Saint John's Seminary

From the Class Secretary

Jack Nichols reported that Jim McGowan passed away at Regina Cleri on August 31st. Go to Class News for his report on the wake and funeral.

Mike Tighe reported that Frank Cloherty and David Werb have co-authored a book called One God, Two Faiths and it is on sale on Amazon. An interesting read and worth your support. Check out Class News for more details.

                                              Cloherty's Book                                               

Another successful annual Class Gathering luncheon was held at the Stockyard restaurant on Tuesday, June 26th with 27 in attendance. Go to Gatherings for details of the day.

Et Cetera

Carey's Corner. Click the underlined to view Dick's November 8th Needham Channel sports commentary where he talks about a famous football rivalry.

Jack Keane's talent as an artist continues to be widely recognized. Click here to view his expanding collection of art on his website.

Watch and listen to this great video of Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA. Click here to enjoy this wonderful and moving patriotic song by the Texas Tenors!
                       usa flag