Saint John's Seminary


First, let's look at the seminary buildings as they were in 1959, and then check out the ordination class photo.

Now click on class photo to see all of us in First Philosophy in 1956. I believe this was a montage put together by the faculty to identify us during their annual assessment of our deportment!

The following memories (listed in the order most recently received) were provided by classmates wanting to share them after discovering them in their archives. Enjoy!

George Hickey sent in some great pictures after his sister uncovered memories evoking events surrounding the class ordination. Many classmates are prominently in the mix. View the photos here.

Thanks to Arnie Colletti who uncovered these sixty 1961-62 slides among his memorabilia of the deaconate ceremony and of summer camp at Meredith, NH, we have these great shots. Note that the summer camp pictures include pictures taken during a hike to Mount Washington. Of particular note at summer camp is the "Gangplank Willie" falling scene which he captured perfectly. Although difficult to single out individuals in some pictures, featured prominently are Charlie Bourque, Joe Connolly, Frank Cloherty, Joe Meehan, Tony Dickson, Pat Barletta, Jim Power, Bob Soucy, Larry Pratt, and Arnie.

Click on Joe Foley's COC and St. John's Photos. There are over 80 snapshots of our classmates at COC, Summer Camp and St. Clement's Hall. An entertaining reminiscence to say the least.

Check out Pat Barletta's copy of the ordination picture from that year's Archdiocesan Directory; and this fun shot at Summer Camp.

Jack Keane sent in this archival photo of a somber but definitely in-charge photo of Cardinal Cushing with Jack only a few steps behind as his unsuspecting security guard.

Tom Delaney sent in this great picture of Jim McGowan seeing him off in 1963 at Logan Airport to Peru to start his tour of duty with the St. James the Apostle Society in Bolivia.

Dave Welsh from the class behind us happened to check our website in April 2015 and wanted to share these pictures which he took while at COC and St. Clement's Hall. Joe Sheehan, John Foley, Larry Pratt and Leo Finnegan are prominently noted in some photos.

Click on Don Troy's COC Photos, which he sent in for all to see at our 50th anniversary dinner. You'll see many snapshots he took at COC and at the Cape while on vacation.

Len Mullaney sent in these pictures taken at COC. One shows our star basketball players, another shows Ron McLaughlin and Mullaney as they appeared in the Caine Mutiny play and another shows a bunch of happy seminarians.

This picture was taken in the Archdiocesan TV Studio in July 1959 when Mike Reagan and Don Morency served Mass with Rev. Thomas Curran, S.J. officiating.

This shot was taken by a commerical firm for a postcard promoting Center Harbor, NH and unknowingly while at summer camp in Meredith in 1959 has Don Morency, Dan Shea and Jack McCormack on the pier looking at the Mount Washington boat arriving at Center Harbor . Yes, the postcard is for real!

These pictures were provided by The Pilot and show the Cardinal O'Connell Seminary neighborhood now and the former seminary in Jamaica Plain as it is today. What a change!